16 Jun – 6 Nov 2016 Heydar Aliyev Foundation  Baku  Azerbaijan



Baku, 9 June 2016 – The work of the world renowned American artist George Condo will be exhibited for the first time in Eastern Europe this Summer in a collaboration with the Heydar Aliyev Foundation in Baku, Azerbaijan and curated by Simon and Michaela de Pury of de Pury de Pury. Housed in what is one of Zaha Hadid’s most beautiful buildings, The Heydar Aliyev Centre in the heart of Baku. The exhibition will open to the public on the 16 June 2016 and will run to 6 November 2016.

This solo show brings together paintings, sculptures, drawings and screen prints from all periods of Condo’s distinct oeuvre. All the artworks come from one of the most comprehensive private collections of George Condo’s work. It is for the very first time that selections from this collection are being unveiled and shown to the public.

The idea for this exhibition goes back to the initiative of Leyla Alieva who has always considered George Condo as one of her favourite artists.

Commenting on the exhibition, Leyla Aliyeva said:
“The Heydar Aliyev Center re-opens its doors to contemporary art lovers to present an exhibition of the works of George Condo, one of the most diverse and exciting artists in the United States. This exhibition offers Baku residents another chance to see first hand top works by a major artist after the exhibitions of iconic painters and sculptors such as Andy Warhol, Bernard Buffet, Richard Deacon and Tony Cragg. The works of these artists could previously only have been seen by local art lovers through photographs and rare editions.

For me, George Condo’s oeuvre is revelatory about life in general, and in particular about the destiny of all mankind and every individual, despite being fictional and unreal. I was shocked by this master’s works from the first minutes of my acquaintance with his creativity. Since then, with his bewitching skills and magic, Condo has become for me one of the most outstanding contemporary artists.”

Curator Simon de Pury said of the show:
“Condo is part of a very small group of contemporary artists who have become global brands. It is no coincidence that Kanye West, who is always trying to break down the barriers between music, art, fashion, design, architecture and cinema, contacted George Condo to do the art work for one of his best albums ‘My beautiful dark twisted fantasy’. In his hit ‘Picasso Baby’ Jay-Z mentions Condo along with Rothko, Koons, Bacon, Basquiat, Warhol and da Vinci.

When Leyla Aliyeva told me that Condo was one of her favourite artists we agreed that it could be great to convince the European owner to unveil and show for the first time ever a selection of his unique collection of works by the artist. It has been inspiring for Michaela and myself to help her realise her artistic vision. It has been a real pleasure to work along the top professionals; Anar Alakbarov, Executive Director of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation; Emin Mammadov, Art Expert at the Heydar Aliyev Foundation and our old friend Andrea Caratsch.

This exhibition is one of the most important shows devoted to George Condo’s work today. I am extremely excited that it is taking place in Zaha Hadid’s gorgeous building in the vibrant city of Baku.”


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